Free Stream Online: Best Places To Find One

I hope this blog will become a useful resource for all avid free online stream seekers like myself. We have an unprecedented opportunity today to get more and more of what we enjoy in watching TV for free. Moreover we can do it on our own terms: when we want and exactly how we want it. Although there are many great alternative ways to get your movies (torrents or file sharing sites) I will focus primarily on online streams. I believe their immediacy is akin to what we are used in a regular TV set. Push the button and watch your favorite program!

There are several types of free online streaming resources available. Let me start with my favorite: streaming directories or online tv guides. The best online streaming guide I am using now is Yes, just like TV Guide only "online videos". It provides links to a variety of free ad-supported streams like Joox or Hulu, featuring movies, TV shows, SNL clips and many more.

In OV Guide all links are categorized by genre (Movies, Sports, News, Adult, Tech, Science, etc) in a very user friendly left-side menu. You can find a section with cartoons for kids and adults, video blogs and even free online radio shows. The very first thing you would see on their page is a list of top 10 movie searches, information on what streams people are watching now and also some editor's picks.

The best feature of OV Guide is that is provides statistics on site views. Forget the ratings! If the online stream was rated by a couple of devotees as a 5, it still gets the highest rank, but this is ... excuse my French... a non-representative sample. Usually the sites with exceptionally high ratings represent relatively new streams and are not of high quality. On the other hand, the total number of views for the streaming site is something you can count on. Especially, since the numbers are in the hundreds of thousands.

In future posts for Free Stream Online I will keep coming back to OV Guide featuring topical reviews of free streams that can be found there.

If you have any strong feelings about this page please comment with suggestions. Also let me know what kinds of video streaming are you looking for and I promise to get creative and dive much deeper into the subject of finding free streams online.